Mollusc of the year 2022: The Cuban painted snail (Polymita picta)

The LOEWE Centre for Translational Biodiversity Genomics invited everyone to vote for 1 of 5 species for the coveted crown of 'Mollusc of the Year'!! Mollusc of the year 2022 is... The Cuban painted snail (Polymita picta).

Follow THIS link to their website for further information. Last year's winner can be seen here.

Read about last years winner in the Guardian.

The choices this year were:

  • Fustiaria rubescens - the Barge-footer / der Kahnfüßer
  • Telescopium telescopium - the Telescope Snail / die Sedimentschnecke
  • Cymbulia peronii - the Sea Butterfly / der Seeschmetterling
  • Polymita picta - the Painted Snail / die Kubanische Landschnecke
  • Teredo navalis - the Naval Shipworm / der Seeschiffsbohrwurm