The attached list shows books which have recently been donated to the Conchological Society, and are here offered free to members.

They are available on a ‘first come/first served’ basis.

Should you wish to have any please contact me on If, having received the books, you feel like making a small donation to the Society, then that would be much appreciated.

Books can be either mailed to you (refund of postage would be expected) or collected from Reading, Berkshire.

Tom Walker

Here is a list of the books on offer
No. Title Author Date Publisher
2 Kingdom of the seashell Abbott, R. Tucker 1973 Rutledge
3 Seashells Abbott, R. Tucker 1976 Transworld
4 The pocket guide to seashells of the northern hemisphere Abbott, R. Tucker 1990 Dragon's World
5 Seashells of the northern hemisphere Abbott, R. Tucker 1991 Dragon's World
6 Seashells of the world; a guide to the better-known species Abbott, R. Tucker undated Golden Press
7 A field guide to the shells of the Florida coast Andrews, Jean 1994 Gulf Publishing
8 Pocket guide to the seashore Barrett, John & Yonge, C.M. 1958 Collins
9 Pocket guide to the seashores of Britain and Northern Europe Baxter, John M. 1960 Mitchell Beazley
10 How to clean seashells Bergeron, Eugene 1971 Great Outdoor Publishing
11 Welsh seashells Chatfield, June E. 1977 National Museum of Wales
12 Welsh seashells Chatfield, June E. 1977 National Museum of Wales
13 Les coquillages Chauvin, Georges 1991 Jean-Paul Gisserot
14 Lure of the Liguus: the Florida tree snails Close, Henry 1995 Of Sea and Shore
15 Shells. Treasures from the sea Cox, James, A. 1979 Larousse
16 Dog whelks: an introduction to the biology of Nucella lapillus (L.) Crothers, J.H. 1985 Field Studies Council
17 Nature flip guides: Seashells [New Zealand] Crowe, Andrew 1998 Penguin (NZ)
18 Which seashell? A simple guide to the identification of New Zealand seashells Crowe, Andrew 1999 Penguin (NZ)
19 The collector's encyclopedia of shells Dance, S. Peter 1974 Zachery Kwintner
20 Shell collecting; an illustrated history Dance, S. Peter 1966 Faber & Faber
21 British shells Duncan, F. Martin 1943 King Penguin
22 The littoral fauna of Great Britain Eales, N.B. 1939 Cambridge University Press
23 Freshwater bivalves (Mollusca); Uninonacea Ellis, A.E. 1947 Linnean Society
24 British snails; a guide to the non-marine Gastropoda of Great Britain and Ireland Ellis, Arthur Erskine 1926 Clarendon Press
25 Shelled Gastropoda of Western Europe Falkner, G., Obrdlik, E. et al. 2001 Friedrich-Held-Gesellschaft
26 Simon & Schuster' guide to shells Feinberg, Harold S. 1980 Simon & Schuster
27 Rarity Gaston, Kevin J. 1994 Chapman & Hall
28 The concise guide to seashore life of Britain and Europe Gibbons, Bob 1991 New Holland
29 Green guide to seashore life Gibbons, Bob 1992 New Holland
30 Süsswassermollusken. Ein Bestimmungsschlüssel für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland Glöer, P. & Meier-Brock, C 2017 Deutcher Jugendbund
31 Süsswassermollusken. Ein Bestimmungsschlüssel für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland Glöer, Peter 1994 Deutcher Jugendbund
32 Süsswassermollusken. Ein Bestimmungsschlüssel für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland Glöer, Peter 1994 Deutcher Jugendbund
33 Our country's shells and how to know them Gordon, W.J. [1901] Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent
34 Proceedings of the third international symposium on littoral biology Grahame, John et al (eds) 1992 Malacological Society
35 Rambles in search of shells, land and freshwater Harting, James Edmund 1875 van Voorst
36 The species directory of the marine fauna and flora of the British Islad and surrounding seas Howson, C.M. & Picton, B.E. (eds) 1997 Ulster Museum
37 British conchology, vol. 1. Land and freshwater shells Jeffreys, John Gwyn 1862 van Voorst
38 British conchology, vol. 4. Marine shells Jeffreys, John Gwyn 1867 van Voorst
39 British conchology, vol. 5. Marine shells (coloured plates) Jeffreys, John Gwyn 1869 van Voorst
40 The sea-shore shown to the children Kelman, Janet Harvey undated T.C. & E.C. Jack
41 Fifty sea shells from Herm Island Kendrick Jill, S. 1969 Kendrick, Jill
42 Fifty sea shells from Herm Island Kendrick, Jill S. 1977 Jill Kendrick
43 Atlas of the non-marine Mollusca of the British Isles Kerney, M.P. (ed.) 1976 Conchological Society
44 The land and freshwater molluscs of Suffolk Killeen, Ian J. 1992 Suffolk Naturalists' Society
45 Glaucus or the wonders of the shore Kingsley Charles 1890 Macmillan
46 Kingdom of the octopus Lane, Frank, W. 1957 Jarrolds
47 Snail trail Lucas, Sarah 2007 Professional Marketing
48 A key to the fresh- and brackish-water gastropods Macan, T.T. 1977 Freshwater Biological Association
49 A key to the land snails of the Flatford area, Suffolk Morton, J.E. & Machin, J. 1959 Field Studies Council
50 Safety in biological fieldword; guidance notes for codes of practice Nichols, David 1999 Institute of Biology, London
51 Lakes and snails. Environment and Gastropoda in 1,500 Norwegian lakes, ponds and rivers Økland, Jan 1990 Backhuys
52 Shells of the world Oliver, A.P.H. 1975 Hamlyn
53 Sea-shells on Cornwall's beaches Pascoe, Ann [1970] Tor Mark Press
54 The photographic guide to identify seashells and seaweeds Phillips, Roger 1987 Elm Tree Books
55 European seashells (2 vols.) Poppe, Guido T. & Goto, Yoshihiro 1991 Verlag Christa Hemmen
56 Shells of New Zealand Powell, A.W.B. 1967 Whitcombe & Tombs
57 New Zealand shells and shell fish Pownall, Glen 1974 Seven Seas
58 Slugs (Testacellidae Arionidae, Limacidae) Quick, H.E. 1949 Linnean Society
59 Slugs (Testacellidae Arionidae, Limacidae) Quick, H.E. 1949 Linnean Society
60 British slugs (Pulmonata: Testacellidae, Arionidae, Limacidae) Quick, H.E. 1960 British Museum (Natural History)
61 A systematic revision of the land snalls of the Western Ghats of India Raheem, D.C., Taylor. H. et al. 2014 Natural History Museum
62 The land and freshwater mollusks indigenous to, or naturalized in the British Isles Reeve, Lovell 1863 Reeve
63 The land and freshwater shells of the British Isles Rimmer, Richard 1880 David Bogue
64 Shells of the British Isles, land and freshwater Rimmer, Richard [1907] John Grant
65 A popular history of the Mollusca Roberts, Mary 1851 Reeve & Benham
66 Catlogue of the land and freshwater Mollusca of the British Isles in the Ulster Museum Ross, Helena C.G. 1984 Ulster Museum
67 The seas; our knowledge of life in the sea and how it is gained Russell F.E. & Yonge, C.M. 1947 Warne
68 Spirals in time. The secret life and curious afterlife of seashells Scales, Helen 2015 Bloomsbury
69 Distribution of the marine molluscs of north west Europe Seaward, D.R. 1990 Nature Conservancy Council
70 Lietuvos moliuskai ir jų apibūdinimas Šivickis, P. 1960 Valstybine
71 Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland: excursion to the Oban area, August 18-22 1993 Smith, Shelagh M. 1976 Scottish Natural Heritage
72 The shell makers; introducing mollusks Solem, G. Alan 1974 Wiley
73 Monitoring ecological change Spellerberg, Ian F. 1994 Cambridge University Press
74 Bløddyr I landsnegle [Denmark] Steenberg, C.M. 1911 Forlag
75 British bivalve seashells (softback) Tebble Noman 1966 British Museum (Natural History)
76 British bivalve seashells (softback) Tebble Noman 1966 British Museum (Natural History)
77 Seashore life in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Turk, Stella M. 1971 D. Bradford Barton
78 A manual of the land and fresh-water shells of the British Isles Turton, William 1831 Longman, Orme et al.
79 Biodiversity and conservation of the Mollusca van Bruggen, A.C., Wells, S.M. et al. 1995 Backhuys
80 A natural history of shells Vermeij, Geerat J. 1993 Princeton University Press
81 Silent witnesses; freshwater bivalves as archives of environmental variability in the Rhine-Meuse delta Versteegh, Emma A.A. 2009 Vrije University
82 Webb's catalog of recent Mollusca from all parts of the world Webb, Walter F. [1959] Lee Publications
83 Muscheln und schnecken Willman, Rainer 1989 Newmann-Needamm
84 The fresh and salt-water aquarium Wood, J.G. 1868 Routledge
85 The sea shore Yonge C.M. 1949 Collins